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Welcome to the home page for Mr. Poole's AP Physics C course. Using the links on the left, you will be able to navigate through this entire site.

If this is your first time here, and you are a student in my class, I suggest you first look at the overview and then the syllabus to get an idea of what the class will be like.(The syllabus is currently tentative but will be very close to the actual syllabus)

You can access the calendar for this course by clicking on the calendar link.  The calendar includes all of the important dates for the class including days off school, minimum days, beginnings and ends of quarters, and all major exams including the AP exam.  I will also do my best to keep the calendar updated with what topics we are covering and the related sections out of your textbook.  I do not plan on having homework assignments on this calendar and small quizzes will also not be included.

By clicking on the homework link you will be navigated to a page where all of the homework assignments will be  listed.  I will do my best to keep at least a couple of weeks ahead on the homework assignments.

The Notes / Presentations link will store the important powerpoint slides that I will occasionally use in class as well as very brief synopsis of what was covered on each day in class.

Please explore the AP Exam information, Physics Resources, Fun Physics links, and Eureka Episodes.  I think that you should find the information here helpful and hopefully a little bit entertaining.