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This is Mr. Poole's homepage for University Preparatory School in Redding California.  Please use the links on the left to navigate this site. For any questions you can email me at

This site is still very much under construction. As such, some of the sections are not very polished and many do not have all of the information that they will eventually contain. It is completely functional but I still hope to be improving its design throughout the 09/10 school year.

Most of the information on this site deals with the 5 classes I am teaching this year, AP Physics B and C, AP Calulus AB and BC, and College Prep Geometry.  I am also in the process of collecting resources on all of the AP exams offered at UPrep and the SAT which are linked to on the left.  I also am collecting links to fun and informative resources on Mathematics and Science/Technology.  I am always looking for new links so please feel free to email them to

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